Price for water taxi
The fee of driving the boat is set according to the “taxi” model , ie, the return journey is not charged to the customer :
– 30 € entry fee and € 16 per mile .
At cruises:
– 30 € entry fee and € 8 per mile.

Prices for popular tours by water taxi
Prices are for the boat and an experienced skipper who can guide you.
The water taxi can take up to 6 passengers.*
Round-trip ticket including a half-hour break at the destination. Other breaks according to agreements.
(*To Rönnskär 5 passengers)

Jannes Saloon is a restaurant in Gerby archipelago. The restaurant can be reached only by boat.

Travel time one way 20 minutes.

One-way ticket: 115 €
(6 pers. => 19,17 €/pers.)
Round-trip ticket: 135 €

A sightseeing tour around the nearest islands outside Vasa.

Travel time 30-45 minutes.

Round-trip ticket: 115 €
(6 pers. => 19,17 €/pers.)

A tour through the archipelago of Gerby-Västervik with summer cottages. And if desired through Strömsö to Finland ‘s longest bridge , with opportunity to visit restaurant Berny’s by the bridge.

Travel time one way 40 minutes.

One-way ticket: 170 €
(6 pers. => 28,33 €/pers.)
Round-trip ticket: 190 €

We drive through Strömsö Strait (where the TV program is produced), we’ll see the Replot Bridge in the distance and we’ll pass Janne´s Saloon. Along the way, we see a lot of summer cottages and fine archipelago.

Time 1 – 1,5 hours

Round-trip ticket: 170 €
(6 pers. => 28,33 €/pers.)

A tour through the archipelago of Sundom to the World Heritage site. Here you will see typical inner , middle and outer archipelago . Closer guidance of the World Heritage Site if interested.

Time 1,5-2 hours.

Round-trip ticket: 200 €
(6 pers. => 33,33€/pers.)

A bit of The World Heritage site and a visit to restaurant Jannes Saloon. A tour with a bit of everything.

Time 2 hours.

Round-trip ticket: 200 €
(6 pers. => 33,33€/pers.)

A tour through the archipelago of Sundom with shallow water, narrow channels and summer cottages to the Folk Park in Malax, includes a restaurant. You can also visit the Kvarken Boat Museum .

Travel time one way 50 minutes.

One-way ticket: 230 €
(6 pers. => 38,33 €/pers.)
Round-trip ticket: 250 €

Rönnskär is a natural experience in the outer archipelago , far out into the Kvarken. The main island is called Fäliskär. Opportunity to stay overnight, use a conference room and sauna. The round-trip includes a 2-hour stay at the island or as agreed.

The picturesque lighthouse of Strömmingsbådan is nearby.

Travel time one way 1hour 15 minutes.
Max 5 pers.

One-way ticket: 380 €
(5 pers. => 76 €/pers.)
Round-trip ticket: 400 €

These islands of smooth sea cliffs form a beautiful part of the outer archipelago. There are no buildings here, only nature’s own beauty.

On the way we drive through Gerby – Västervik archipelago with a lot of summer cottages. We also drive under Replot bridge before the sea opens and we arrive at Rödgrynnorna.

(Neptune Service owner Kenneth Åberg got engaged here!)

The price includes 2 hours on the main island.

Driving time: 3h

Round-trip ticket: 410 €
(6 pers. => 68,33 €/pers.)

The Nature Station provides a cafe, sauna and overnight accommodation.

The round-trip includes a guided tour along the nature trail, a 2-hour stay at the island or as agreed.

Travel time one way 1 hour 45 minutes.

One-way ticket: 480 €
(6 pers. => 80 €/pers.)
Round-trip ticket: 510 €

Pikku kettu and Rönnskär geocach.

Travel time 4 hours

Max 5 pers.

Round-trip ticket: 510 €
(5 pers. => 102 €/pers.)

Enjoy the whole day at the archipelago! Make a round-trip, visit islands, enjoy lovely food and just relax and enjoy yourself. We design and arrange the day according to your wishes.

The entire day –trip has been a very popular way to celebrate birthdays and other family celebrations .

about 530 €
(6 pers. => 88,33 €/pers.)